Catering for a Mediterranean style wedding

Mediterranean style wedding

So you have settled on a Mediterranean style wedding and now looking for the right food options to go with it? The Mediterranean region is expansive and covers a large geographical area.

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Getting the starters menu right is all the rave about setting the scene

Starter menu options

Calories go out of the window when it comes to Christmas. There is always January to get rid of any pounds that you put on. Eating is as popular as drinking during the holiday and planning special meals takes up a great deal of time.Traditionally Turkey takes centre stage but cooks aim to impress and creating imaginative menus can make the whole dining experience extremely enjoyable.

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Entertain Your Guests with a Unique Catering Service for your Valentines Ball

Proposing on Valentine's Day

After the Christmas festivities there is a lull on the party scene. People are trying to live up to their various resolutions and it is bit quiet on the party front.

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8 Wedding Food Ideas On A Budget

Wedding food ideas on a budget

If you are planning a wedding, we know you will be looking to keep the costs down to a minimum. Weddings can be an expensive event with all the flowers, dresses and suits, drinks and decorations.

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