Corporate summer party ideas that will leave your guests wanting more

Corporate Summer Party

Get ready for the perfect summer by throwing a summer party for your staff, customers or clients. With the corporate summer ideas below, you will be the talk of the town and will leave your guests wanting more.

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5 top tips for an exclusive banquet catering at a wedding reception

Banquet catering

When it’s your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. Most people would love to get married on a bright and sunny day and for a lucky few, that dream comes true. However, for others, you just have to go ahead and enjoy the day, whatever the weather brings.

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Summer wedding catering menu options to make you smile

Summer wedding catering

Summer brings out the best things in life. People, in general, are chattier, smile more and generally, in good spirits. It must be something to do with the sunshine. Choosing a wedding catering menu that plays to this jovial and overall celebratory mood will be the icing on the top of your wedding day.

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Getting the starters menu right is all the rave about setting the scene

Starter menu options

Calories go out of the window when it comes to Christmas. There is always January to get rid of any pounds that you put on. Eating is as popular as drinking during the holiday and planning special meals takes up a great deal of time.Traditionally Turkey takes centre stage but cooks aim to impress and creating imaginative menus can make the whole dining experience extremely enjoyable.

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