Wedding Cake Recipe


You will need a 10 inch, 8 inch & 6 inch cake tin.

The Main Ingredients (all in Grams)

3 Tier Round 3 Tier Square
Sultanas 1300 1700
Raisins 500 650
Currants 200 300
Broken Glace Cherries 500 600
Chopped Walnuts 200 300
Mixed Peel 200 300
Mixed Spice 25 30
Sherry 100 150
Dark Rum 100 150
Brandy 100 150

Mix together dry ingredients & mix in liquid thoroughly.
Cover, and soak for 7 days, turning at least twice during the soaking time, allowing the fruit to soak up all the liquid and swell.

Plain Flour 800 1000
Ground Almonds 200 250
Soft Dark Brown Sugar 700 900
Cake Margarine or Butter 700 900

Sieve dry ingredients together. Place in a mixer with the margarine/butter
And mix on a Low speed to a fine crumbly consistency.
(Do not form a paste)

Black Treacle                         100                       150
Medium Eggs                            15                          20

Beat together and add gradually in 3 separate portions, and on medium speed.
Cream for 2 minutes. Scrape down at least once.

Plain Flour                              150                        200

Sieve in to the prepared fruit and fold in lightly by hand.

Scale the above, into the lined and greased tins.

Round Square
6 inch 1000g 1300g
8 inch 2100g 2500g
10 inch 3300g 4500g

Pre-heat oven at 275f (140c) Place a pan of boiling water at bottom of oven.
Bake until centre of cake reaches 200f (95c)

(Ideally using a digital temperature probe)

2 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Recipe

  1. Could you please break the recipe down into individual cakes.6inch, 8 inch, and 10inch
    Thank you I want to make the perfect wedding cake for my son
    I will be using square cake tins

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